Lucky Shamrock Slots Review & Free Instant Play Game

Lucky Shamrock Slots Review & Free Instant Play Game

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Lucky Shamrock Slots Review & Free Instant Play Game -

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It probably was an accident but it fails to explain two related items: One, why did Mutombo care that the 76ers won the pick? Why wasn't he instead rooting for the Nuggets --you know, the team that originally drafted him and for which he played about half of his career?

He was a 76ers for one season. Why acknowledge the franchise's fortunes? Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the win 76ers were the first NBA team to sell advertising space on its team's jerseys.

Interesting then that perhaps whomever becomes that 1 overall pick might also be the first NBA player to officially sport an ad on his uniform.

That's a bit of a coincidence. Your browser does not support iframes. This season has already seen a spate of players, including last year's NL hit leader Dee Gordon , suspended for positive tests.

ESPN is even reporting that more suspensions are forthcoming. But let's face it: No league's testing policy is stopping athletes from using drugs that clearly help their performance.

And why should they? There is a push within baseball to make the penalties for players caught using even more harsh, but with the chemists usually two or more steps ahead of the testers, only the foolish and rash will likely be caught.

Cheaters will always be a part of the modern game. Sniffing them out will only get more difficult. To teach your children the "right" and "wrong" way to play the game will only get more difficult as the cheaters get the headlines, records, and monster salaries And if you think things are bad in baseball, just wait until the Summer Olympics start in Rio.

He claims this was in the era prior to steroids, but even if true, does it sound like this team - or any team - would really avoid using such substances?

Apparently the league cut a deal with the former St. No team ever seems to want to be the focus of Hard Knocks, but that doesn't stop the NFL from forcing one of its 32 franchises into that spotlight.

Well, apparently one way out is to cut a deal with the league. The Rams did so, and now that the team is in Los Angeles, it finds itself the focus of HBO's cameras this season in order to drum up promotion for a team the city didn't really want.

This story means more and shows more about how the NFL truly operates than the NY Times piece, but this is the one that will get overlooked and shunned.

I mean, are there people out there filling out brackets through CBS's "pool manager" website without money being on the line? It's a seriously confused message.

If the leagues can find more way like this from which to profit, then when the push comes for sports gambling's legalization, the leagues will put up nothing more than a show fight.

Just another example of the leagues' greed taking presidence over actually integrity. The second most gambled upon sport in the world?

You better believe it happens, and happens often. Of course, tennis wasn't naive enough to believe it was clean. They even formed the Tennis Investigative Unit nearly 10 years ago.

Really, this should come as no surprise to anyone who took the time to read the TIU's original report. Heck, I devoted most of a chapter in Larceny Games about the corruption in tennis.

It's just like the FIFA scandal: Shock, outrage, a call to action, blah, blah, blah. Same sport, same corruption, same people profiting off foolish fans believing everything is on the up and up.

If you really think this is a new story, go back and read Michael Mewshaw's Short Circuit. That book showed that tennis, betting, and match fixing goes back at least 30 years.

Games used to be copyrighted by the NFL. Perhaps it doesn't mean much of anything, but I have a feeling which I'm digging into that having a LLC limited liability company owning the copyright to the games means a lot in terms of this being strictly entertainment and not truly a sport as fans believe it to be.

It also may protect the NFL from any fraud-related lawsuits stemming from these differences. Just something to note for the future. Now Sports Illustrated released a new issue with a photo from the game on its cover which shows a clear flag-worthy holding penalty on Denver which wasn't called.

USA Today unleashed a writer to quell any conspiracy talk about that photo and the game in general, referring to those who dared question the NFL and its officials as moaners.

This is how such logical theories and intelligent questions get dismissed in the sports media world: But let's face it, David Stern 's version of the game wasn't worth the time or effort to follow.

Some fans think new Commissioner Adam Silver is changing things. That's it's not all about the big markets and big names now. That very well may be.

But then again, as long as the follow is allowed to occur - as it does on a regular basis - fans should recognize that as bad as the NFL refs are, their NBA counterparts are not any better and they serve the same purpose: Miami Heat G Gerald Green was hospitalized, then suspended for two games for "conduct detrimental" to the team.

No one in the sports media world seemed to know why or really question the situation. Now, the story is starting to unfold , and like I said, it's odd.

Now here's a bit of confirmation backing my statement, straight from former All-Star Lenny "Nails" Dykstra:. Oh, I know detractors are instantly going to say, "He's a criminal.

He'll say anything for attention and money. If anything, it makes his statement more believeable because Nails has nothing to lose at this point.

The bigger questions raised from this is a where was MLB Security in all of this? Thanks to all my fans who alerted me to this story!

Well, out of Spain comes some proof of such behavior. Barcelona match was told - "pressured" as he stated - to favor Real Madrid in the contest.

The claim, as expected, is "under investigation. And if any state knows gambling when it sees it, it has to be Nevada.

Drop everything and watch this video NOW: It's the long lost episode of the PBS investigative program Frontline which details information about the NFL, gambling, and game fixing.

It only aired once and might not be available for too long on YouTube. If you don't have the hour to spare though you should make every effort to watch this , skip to about the 30 minute mark when reporter Jessica Savitch who died not long after this aired asks then-Commissioner Pete Rozelle about what NFL Security has unearthed.

He stumbles like Goodell usually does, then flat out states the league covers things up. We just watched corruption. Scipio Tex did in reference to the Oklahoma State v.

Texas football game which OSU won I highly recommend follwing the link above and reading his piece, but to cut to the chase, the Big 12 officials in this game seemed to be trying to make sure OSU won this game with several questionable penalties against the Longhorns.

Half of them were mythology made up on the spot or over-officious nonsense which wasn't being applied to both teams.

The officials created or altered points while doing so. OSU had 7 penalties for 40 yards. All of them minor motion penalties or clear infractions that you can't swallow a whistle on.

Except the ones they did. We just watched a fixed football game. While the trailer below looks interesting, to get closer to the real story of the NFL and concussions either read or watch League of Denial.

Why fictionalize this story if you're not going to antagonize the NFL? It's made the game more popular than ever and it's become so much more of an entertainment business and it's making so much money.

That's why I'm sure there's plenty of people saying this is embarrassing for the league. But it's an entertainment business when it comes right down to it.

When the game gets eyeballs in newspapers and on TV, that's what in the end is the goal for everyone. And that's what this controversy is giving them But I think we're talking about a different NFL now.

Like I said, before it was more about the game. Now it's such an entertainment business. It's an entertainment business. It's turning into the WWE really.

It's like the Vince McMahon stuff. Basically Goodell is like Vince McMahon. Although I'm happy to discuss both subjects, answers to these questions were published recently.

Now, proof has surfaced that Rose indeed bet on baseball while playing. Is there still a question about his induction into the Hall? It might be a decade or two in the making, but a law enforcement entity finally has gone after the corrupt heads of FIFA.

Shockingly, it was America's own Department of Justice which offered up a count indictment against 14 international soccer officials. No one's surprised that FIFA might be corrupted to the core, but to see someone actually take them legally to task for once is interesting.

It doesn't mean it'll really lead to anything or actually alter FIFA for the better , but it's an attention-grabbing moment in sports.

I don't think they fully believed me, but it just played out with the Mayweather v. It's not like Nichols or Beadle dug up something new.

Yet discussing this issue prior to the fight cost them an entrance into the big match. Of course, Mayweather's camp denied this, but in this instance I'm going to believe the media reporters rather than the boxer's PR team.

And what's worse is the media itself tends to back this position, jumping down the throats of those outsiders like me who don't toe that line.

This is business, people, and they can't allow media reports - whether true or not - to interfere with making money.

Players will be subject to discipline if they are found to have violated the rule. With MLB actually invested in DraftKings one of the top daily fantasy sites , my guess is they have to continue to say it's not gambling, if only to protect themselves from criticism which isn't forthcoming First we have Angels OF Josh Hamilton experiencing a "relapse" and using cocaine, but MLB doesn't care and won't suspend him despite violating the league's substance abuse policy.

When the Angels' team president is expressing shock at that , you know something odd is afoot. I thought MLB had cleaned up its game. Lastly, there's Marlins P Jarred Cosart and his illegal gambling.

Somehow, MLB managed to investigate these allegations, prove them true while proving he didn't bet on baseball , and fine Cosart but no suspension in the matter of a week.

Um, forgive me for being so cynical, but there's no way the MLB really did its due diligence here in that time frame. It actually opens up more questions than "clearing" Cosart resolves.

Who was the bookie? Was he turned over to authorities? What did Cosart bet on? Who "hacked" his Twitter account as he claimed? To me, all of this is a sign that though baseball is beginning another season, its players are running rampant and revealing that this game is nowhere as clean as it's purported to be.

But nothing to see here Hat tip to Steve for this post. MLB didn't seem to buy Cosart's claim that his twitter account was hacked and that the messages weren't from him, and have launched a full investigation of the matter.

Most likely, Cosart's messages were about college basketball betting, not MLB betting, meaning he won't be in that much trouble because players are allowed to gamble on sports - just not baseball.

Of course, one type of sports gambling can lead to another, landing a player in a hole he can't climb out of It'll be interesting to see how the new MLB Commissioner - who is suddenly in favor of legalized sports gambling - reacts to this brewing scandal.

Is it just an " honest mistake " that they were included, or is it yet another sign of outright corruption within college sports?

If you're reading this, my guess is you'd agree with the latter opinion. But not all players are multi-millionaires Instead we have this report from SI in which it's revealed that members of the Seahawks were dealing with ticket brokers in order to make a couple thousand dollars reselling their comp Super Bowl tickets.

But the key quote in the piece is this: But they do it anyway. For a couple of grand. And yet there's no way a desperate player would fix a game for cash?

Look, I don't advocate such bafoonery, but what I want to know is how did the Steelers hear about this, locate the guy, and capture him prior to anything actually happening?

Yeah, okay, it won't be ready by , but what sort of BS announcement was that, Roger? I thought all 32 NFL franchises were independently owned and operated businesses, not one conglomerate well, I actually know this isn't the case, but most fans don't.

If a team wants to move, how can Goodell just say "no? He seemed to get it when talking about sports gambling.

Then he dropped this bomb: In regards to the perception of teams tanking, "I absolutely don't think any team is trying to lose.

In terms of management, I think there's an absolute legitimate rebuilding process that goes on. It's so hard to win in this league, and it's so complex.

I think what's happened in the case of Philadelphia [who are currenty at the time of this posting] -- their strategy has been reduced into a tweet.

This notion 'be bad to be good. When it gets reduced into a headline, I understand the reaction. In this case, it's the new college football playoff system being fixed , and the author makes a good case in the "hows" and "whys" it is.

He then follows up on the piece by pointing out that Florida State should not only be forbidden from being in the playoffs - but shouldn't be allowed to field a football team.

Good stuff, and thanks to Steve for the tip! Yeah, apparently the world cares enough about the sports to not just wager on it, but attempt to fix matches.

Two Danish players were approached by a "Malaysian" to throw a match. They refused and reported the incident. If badminton isn't safe from this, what sport truly can be?

It's funny to listen to the NFL's lawyers as they now say the league isn't 32 teams acting as one, it's 32 teams all on their own because if the NFL is a team entity, this investigation is going to get ugly.

So real, so graceful. Do you really want to gamble on this? Amazing that only NHL players are seemingly repeatedly tied to sports gambling: Vanek, Jaromir Jagr , the unnamed players betting which Rick Tocchet's gambling ring, the list goes on Interesting to read him calling out the SEC's officials and their apparent use of a "mystery man" influcencing calls on the field.

Second, Michael Franzese - the former mob capo - was on the Jim Rome show , discussing the NCAA, gambling on college sports, and apparently how easy and often it is for kids to shave points.

So don't believe me, but listen to him. We are all entertainers. Need I post more? The Royals made what? Comebacks in that game to pull out the win in the 12th inning?

But is it possible they had a little help by way of the home plate umpire in that game? This article from the Swingin' A's website was oddly prophetic, and it questioned - rightfully so - how Gerry Davis wound up being the behind the plate in this winner-take-all contest.

It should make you rethink the strike zone in that game as well as the allowed interruptions of A's starter John Lester. Thanks to John - not Lester - for the tip.

The last page is in Derek's hands But this story gets us one step closer to the disclosure that sports are just a cog in that entertainment wheel: Floyd Mayweather's stint on Showtime's "All Access" was completely fake.

Seemingly every phase of the show featuring him was a manufactured story. In order to speak with me, as a "courtesy" he said, he had to "clear it" with the NFL prior to talking with me.

I found this odd since he no longer worked for the league in any capacity. But that's the power of the Shield. Think that "technical difficulty" was an accident?

Thanks to Jason for bringing this to my attention. The Daily Show Get More: According to the article, "More than a dozen alleged fixers could be playing in England, according to law enforcement and football integrity sources.

No league is safe. Amazingly, the broadcast outright stated this during their end credits see photo below. It's just another example of the show-biz world staging events to make them more entertaining.

Why don't people believe sports - clearly a show-biz entity - wouldn't do the same? If the latter was fixed, why wouldn't the former?

Here's an interesting but not in depth enough story on an admitted spot-fixer in international hockey. And in other news, here's the results of a recent ESPN poll.

My first response upon seeing this was: Then I suddenly wanted to move to Oklahoma. Details are sketchy at this point, and Vanek is not the focal point of the investigation nor charged with any crime, but it's never a good sign to see a professional athlete tied to a gambling ring.

He hits the nail on the head when discussing the NCAA's inability to police, investigate, and punish colleges violating every sort of rule on the book.

Of course, why should it do so when everyone's making money hand over fist and most fans could care less of said "infractions? Hope the lawsuits and possible unionization of athletes all go against the NCAA.

Yeah, I know, who thought they did, especially after the Frontline fiasco which was recently nominated for an Emmy? But after what I just experienced, I can reaffirm that ESPN cares more about its money well, Disney's cash and their relationship with the sports leagues than actual reporting.

NEVER trust one of their reports again, no matter the supposed subject matter. This should come as no surprise with the number of players "playing through pain.

You'd think with all the access the network has with the league, it'd would be the one breaking these sorts of stories. Instead, we get Johnny Manziel at the Red Sox game.

You really trust this network with its "news? If Cleveland fans don't resoundingly boo him upon game one back in a Cavs uniform, you know how duped they all are Of course, Ghana's in the World Cup and America beat them in their first match despite being outplayed by Ghana at every turn.

Any chance our deep-pockets could've purchased a win? I think the US Team keeps more than that in their duffle bag.

It just goes to show that this problem is out of control around the world, yet America continues to wear blinders. Here's two recent representations: The second is from The Classic in a piece about betting on soccer.

Speaking of which, did you catch the first game of the World Cup played between Croatia and Brazil?

Total rig job, right? I warned people about this in my latest Sports on Earth piece. FIFA is looking to outright give Brazil the trophy, and this game was the first step.

Luckily, FIFA is running commercials warning against the very practice we saw in play:. You can read all the dirty details here - and thanks to whomever leaked this document to the Minneapolis Star Tribune - but be warned: If the league goes this far and wants this much from just hosting the game, why does everyone assume that they do not do the same thing when it comes to the most important aspect of that day -- the game itself?

Thanks to Ethan for the heads up on this story. He asks a lot of great questions, gets a few answers, and really makes the NBA's officiating program look questionable - especially it's ties to network television.

It's a must read, and includes the recent revelation of Mark Cuban 's hiring or not Some call the huge disparities in free throw attempts seen in some NBA playoff games as "conspiracy theories" and that there's ration explanations for them.

Sure, same as there was for " home field advantage " - it's the referees that cause it, but never because of bias, intention, or direction from above.

How true was this? AdamSchefter tells the show he thinks some NFL people will call teams to encourage them to draft Michael Sam in the later rounds.

Recently, the league has admitted to certain outcome-changing referee decisions that have been incorrect. Of course, like the NFL, these admissions amount to nothing as the NBA then doesn't go back and give the win to the team that was jobbed by their officials.

So I guess on one level, this is "transparency," but on another, it's just more bunk. Does it frighten you as much as it does me?

He also wrote about why he made this decision, writing in part, "I've always been a professional. But I am not an entertainer. I never have been.

Playing that role was never easy for me. What's worse is that not only do people realize this, but former and current members of the NBA are openly talking about it.

So go spend that hard earned money on NBA basketball, fans. You'll certainly get what you paid for The final one, dating back 4 month prior to the Super Bowl, is interesting.

Why was he worried about his teammate being mic'd up? Worse still were those dealers selling supposed "authentic game-worn or used" memorabilia.

I assumed most of it was fake. I might not be that wrong in that assessment as this NY Post story discusses a lawsuit which accuses Eli Manning and the NY Giants of doing exactly that - selling fake game-used goods.

This has been pre-determined since May like all the other Super Bowls. But it's interesting nonetheless Thanks to Matt for the tip!

Click here to view the original thread and responses. As a result, the video has been blocked on YouTube.

Let's see what happens next It does raise some good questions. Take a moment and watch Yes, I wrote "Part III" because many forget that current Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was busted back when he was the Broncos head coach for doing exactly when his mentor Bill Belichick was caught doing - video taping opponents' coaching signals.

Now, a member of the Houston Texans believes that the Patriots are at it once again. I've heard rumblings from others in the New England area that despite the scandal associated with Spygate, it actually never ceased.

Will the NFL "investigate" this matter? What do you think? Sports can be fixed in the United States. Well, horse racing is still wide open for corruption as four people were arrested in relation to an alleged fixing scandal.

And shockingly, ESPN's backing this one It was making an excellent point as it kicked the NFL in the ribs while it tries to recover from the concussion controversy stirred up by PBS.

Then came the line, "[the NFL is] impossible to do without. The guy can't even hold a salient point through an article.

He becomes his own punchline as the blame for the NFL getting away with this B. First, this is a highly interesting article coming out of Canada's The Globe and Mail.

Seems as though the Toronto Raptors wouldn't mind tanking the entire NBA season to get a shot at home-grown talent Andrew Wiggins currently playing at Kansas.

The highlight of this article is the following: Don Van Natta Jr. Van Natta's article here is basically the Cliff Notes version of the book.

And after reading his piece, if you still don't think the NFL would stoop to fixing a game, then I can be no further help to you.

Based on my new book Larceny Games , Gary Buiso interviewed me and cited the book and the FBI files within it in his article about members of the New York Knicks shaving points as a "favor" to their cocaine dealer.

CNN called my house Could it be the one that spends the most money broadcasting NBA games? Why, yes, the answer is:.

You can't even boo in America anymore with The Man coming down on you. It was meant to be. And that's why American soccer player Clint Dempsey may have intentionally missed the goal on a free kick you could've seen his attempt at the link, but YouTube's already pulled it.

But it's all fun and games as no one had bet on this game, right? And no one would've dared wager on a final score, would they?

Despite the fact that it's proven that soccer fixers often fix games for exact final scores - and make them happen. But this is the key quote from Ray, "I'm not gonna accuse nobody of nothing — because I don't know facts," says Lewis.

Now listen, if you grew up like I grew up — and you grew up in a household like I grew up — then sometimes your lights might go out, because times get hard.

But you cannot tell me somebody wasn't sitting there and when they say, 'The Ravens are about to blow them out.

Man, we better do something. That's a huge shift in any game, in all seriousness. And as you see how huge it was because it let them right back in the game.

They should also be strong, stand together and make a public statement about their dissatisfaction about it instead of hiding behind anonymous quotes.

Could they lose their jobs by doing that? Perhaps though after this I don't think ESPN would want to be seen as even more against their own investigative reporters.

But if they did lose their jobs, so what? Is that an entity they really want to work for? One that forces them not only to pull out of something like this PBS project, but also causes them to self-censor?

Myself, I'd prefer my integrity over a paycheck. Nearly 40 years later, people still cannot agree about whether an exhibition tennis match was rigged.

So why do it? For the money, no doubt. This begs the question: The argument has always been, "You might be able to pay off a player who is clearly not NFL or NBA bound, but you couldn't get a certain first round draft pick to throw a game.

All money is green, and while signing autographs isn't fixing a game, both might cost a player his eligibility, his "free ride," and several slots in the draft.

Thanks to Yehuda for the tip. Peterson wants everyone to know he didn't use drugs like HGH to make such a stunning comeback At least that's what one former Lebanese referee stated at his recent trial.

He traded games for sex - not money, not because of a blackmail situation - just sex. That's all it takes. Thanks to Ethan on the tip. The Sports Geeks took this one step further and put together an interactive graph of arrests in the NFL.

It's worth checking out. Thanks to Robert for the heads up. On the surface, no. But if you know that professional poker players are often fronts for professional sports gamblers, then perhaps Pierce shouldn't be causally sitting there getting a massage.

By the way, he did bust out of the tournament not long after this picture was taken. If so, then someone needs to explain that to now former Boston Bruins center Tyler Seguin as the team needed to hire a guard to keep him in his hotel room so he wasn't out partying every night.

If these reports are correct, this is the first ever dismissal of its kind in baseball.

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