We Love the 90’s -festareiden voittaja on selvillä!

the We on voittaja 90’s Love selvillä! -festareiden -

We Love the 90’s -festareiden voittaja on selvillä! -

Historiallinen Valkoinen Sali starttaa uuden toimintansa syyskuun ensimmäisenä viikonloppuna Bassline Festivalilla.

Toukokuussa yleisölle avattu saari toimii metsähenkisen sirkusteoksen lavana. Kaupunkiopas Alkuun Edellinen … 59 60 61 62 63 … Seuraava Loppuun. G Livelabin syksy on keikkoja täynnä Uutuusklubin keikkakalenteri näyttää täydeltä.

Taidetta ja sokkotreffejä modernin taiteen museossa Espoon EMMA-museossa vietetään sinkkuiltaa taiteen, musiikin ja nykytanssin kera. Helsinki Comedy Festival Stadin hauskin festari tuo sateiseen syksyyn 52 syytä nauraa neljässä eri keskustan sijainnissa.

Millencolin klubikeikalle Suomeen - päivälleen kahdeksan vuoden tauon jälkeen Ruotsalaisbändi nousee Tavastian lavalle joulukuussa.

Nyt se on varmaa: Kruunusillat rakennetaan Kaupunginvaltuusto näytti hankkeelle vihreää valoa selvin äänin. Hakaniemen metroaseman remontti alkaa Metroaseman lippuhallin peruskorjaukset aloitetaan ensi viikolla — metroliikenne pysyy normaalina.

Helsinkiin suunnitellaan hostellia, joka toimii tasa-arvoisen työelämän puolesta Myö Hostel aikoo työllistää kehitysvammaisia ja edustaa ihmisläheisyyttä, oikeudenmukaisuutta Paperi T juhlistaa runokirjaansa kahdella erikoiskeikalla Keikoilla runot yhdistyvät Paprun musiikkiin.

Viikistä Kivikkoon kulkeva puistosilta ylittää Kehä I: Tammelan korttelijuhlat Tampereella Ensimmäisissä Tammelan korttelibileissä esiintyy muun muassa yksi kuuluisimmista tammelalaisista: Metroasemilla nähdään helsinkiläisten työstämiä kuvia Ole hyvä Helsinki - tuo kaupunginosien tunnelman viidelle eri asemalle.

Räppärit Gavlyn ja Reviere ensi kertaa Suomeen Naisvoimaa edustava kaksikko esiintyy Tampereella ja Helsingissä lokakuussa. Some fellow basenji art collectors also explained that these prints were a rare find; most owners so highly prized the prints that they would become available only after the owner's death.

Those four prints lay on my dining room table for many weeks. I must have stared at them almost daily, studying the anatomical details of the natives and their dogs.

The basenjis were not beautiful in the manner that we typically see our breed portrayed; however, it was easy to envision basenjis like this racing through the bush.

Ultimately I resolved that the prints would be coming back with me after the auction. During the cocktail hours prior to the banquet a silent auction was held.

If memory serves me correctly, any item that received 10 or more bids was set aside to be sold at the live auction that would follow the dinner.

Rather than bundled as a set, each print had been given its own item number. The prints didn't seem to draw much interest;. At this point I was feeling pretty confident that I would be able to get all four.

And then it happened! Some shrewd observer had also spotted the low bidding and called this to the attention of the Auction Chair.

Once she learned the value of the set and the importance of keeping the prints together, I knew I was in trouble.

All four prints were gathered up and placed with the other items bound for the live auction. Now I had to suffer until the meal was over for another chance to bid.

Usually I am a pretty cool bidder, but this time I was struggling to keep my emotions in check. When the full set was held up so everyone could take another look, my blood pressure began to escalate.

Much to my dismay, the auctioneer did an excellent job of explaining the value of this set. He told everyone how rare it was for an entire collection in such excellent condition to even surface, how they were out of print, and what an exceptional find this was for the auction.

The room started buzzing with talk about the prints. With my bidder number clutched in my hand, I compelled myself to wait as the bidding progressed.

Soon it began to lag and with all the nonchalance I could muster, I waggled my number to place my bid. It was like sharks smelling blood!

Suddenly two of the other bidders rallied and the fight was on. I could sense the wheels turning in the heads of my competitors. Whether they were just being good sports or had concluded that I.

The set was mine! However, this was not the end of the story. Eight years later I received a phone call from Spain from a gentleman who introduced himself as Robert Vavra.

He was inquiring about a puppy bitch I had recently advertised in the club magazine that reminded him of his own beloved basenji that had died some years back.

I recognized the name immediately. Robert Vavra, a gifted professional photographer and writer, had given the Basenji Club of America, Inc. During our conversation Robert Vavra recounted a story of a time when, as young men, he and John Fulton, were living in Spain and down to their last few dollars.

Robert was struggling to make his way as a photographer, and John longed to be not only a famous matador, but also an artist. Both men despaired at the thought they might have to give up their dreams, admit defeat, and return to America penniless.

One afternoon as they and another friend were crossing a street in Sevilla, they spotted the famous historical novelist, James Michener, heading in the opposite direction.

The three men ran back, introduced themselves, and told Michener what great fans they were of his works. Robert said they all stood on the sidewalk talking for several minutes and then Michener invited everyone back to his loft.

According to Robert, that chance meeting changed their lives forever. At that time Michener's best-selling non-fiction book about Spain was just an idea in the author's mind.

Robert was commissioned to take photographs of life in Iberia, and John Fulton helped Michener research material for the book.

She persuaded him to draw a picture of her dog and he responded to her request with not one but four exquisite paintings.

Notice the physique and graceful stance of the natives. It is easy to imagine that these men, captured in the eye of an artist who loved bullfighting, were inspired by matadors.

It was these four pictures that were reproduced and a limited number of sets made available to basenji fanciers. However, I found no information about.

It is almost as if they are lost in history, now remaining only in the memories of those who were fortunate enough to collect the prints years ago.

On rare occasions, a full set will surface, but the condition of these prints may have suffered if they were not mounted and stored properly.

Today I believe the colors and clarity of the prints are as good as when they were painted decades ago in Spain by an American who became a famous matador as well as a noted artist.

Many of you had probably never heard of John Fulton Short until you began reading this article. This extraordinary man was born in in Philadelphia, PA.

After graduating from high school, John spent a year at the Philadelphia Museum College of Art and then was granted a scholarship to the Instituto Allende, an art school in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where he spent much of his time learning.

Once he was in Spain, John Fulton Short, or John Fulton as he became later known in bullfighting circles, devoted himself to becoming an accomplished matador.

He fights with an authentic Andalusian style, more like a torero from Sevilla than a young North American. The friendship of these two men spanned several decades He certainly is as competent as the average Spanish matador and better than many.

It turned into a social center for aspiring matadors and artists, as well as a gathering place for celebrities.

He was a celebrated matador, the first American to be promoted to the highest rank in bullfighting. And he has touched the hearts of those of us in the basenji fancy by so beautifully portraying the unique character of our beloved breed in its native habitat.

Michener was so impressed with the American matador that he used Fulton as a guide when. The John Fulton Society. However, depending on where you live, that last can be hard to achieve.

The challenge of showing a dog with a black coat is that everything shows up, especially dander.

Dust and other debris are easy, just wipe the coat with a moist cloth. Dander, on the other hand, just keeps raising its ugly head no matter how much rubbing is done.

The more I brush, the more the dander appears. After spraying the coat, I was told rub it in well with a soft towel until the flakes disappeared.

The ingredients of this particular mouth wash can also dry the skin and eventually create even more dander, making this a continuous process to relieve the coat of all those flakes.

Instead, I went back into my motorhome and fished through all my hair products in search of one that has been helpful on my own hair.

The dander began to disappear, and his coat shined. The next day Ringo needed just a light treatment, and in the following days his coat looked amazing.

The best part is that his hair never felt greasy or gummy. As with all hair products, the selection of hair oils on the market is bountiful.

Some are thicker than others. This has now become a standard accessory in my grooming bag. Coconut oil is another good choice if you find yourself battling dander on your dogs.

The classic problem of dry skin -- dander. The picture on the left illustrates a dog with the dander problem left untreated. The photo on the right shows the result after applying the hair oil and then wiping the coat clean.

The skin is supple and the coat shines. Halpern represents animal owners, animal-related businesses, veterinarians, animal research facilities and nonprofit associations in support of their interests in the humane use of animals.

She is also a licensed veterinarian in the State of New Jersey, previously served as Director of the Division of Animal Health for the New Jersey Department of Agriculture and New Jersey's State Veterinarian, and is a frequent speaker on the topics of animal welfare, animal reform, animal law and emergency response initiatives.

See her full biography here: While more and more cities and states are restricting sales of dogs in pet stores to those obtained from animal shelters and rescue groups, the actual source of these dogs remains obscure.

Not many states track the importation of dogs for adoption into their states, but those that do, shed some light on the enormity of this issue.

The numbers from New Hampshire and Connecticut represent dogs imported through rescue channels. In Virginia, 16, of the , dogs received appear to be rescues, but movement of dogs within and out of the state are not well monitored.

Why are all these dogs moving through these rescue channels? Therefore, to provide puppies and dogs to the public, seeking to purchase pets through rescue channels, these animals have to be imported from other states and countries.

Some states, in addition to tracking the movement of dogs into, within, and out of their states for adoption, have taken action to help ensure animals are healthy and owners do not unknowingly purchase sick, infected dogs.

Many rescue groups are trying to do the right thing. Others are only in it for the money, often buying dogs from the very same puppy mills.

More than 35 cities and at least 2 states, Connecticut and Illinois, have adopted or have considered banning the sale of dogs obtained through commercial breeders, and limiting sales to those sourced through rescues or shelters.

There are several animal health and consumer-related problems associated with the unregulated movement of dogs through Retail Rescue channels: Dog breeding through these channels will not only continue at current levels, but is likely to increase, if the market favors sales of rescue dogs;.

New Hampshire requires any dog, cat, or ferret entering the state for sale or adoption, to be held for at least 48 hours at a state licensed animal health facility or veterinary practice, separated from other animals before the sale, where at least some illnesses can be diagnosed and treated.

Permanent identification of these animals should be required and a national electronic database established to track their movement;.

These measures would help prevent the exposure of U. Some of these controls, even if modified, should be considered for dogs moving through rescue channels to help ensure their proper care, and prevent the spread of disease.

First, in April it rained for so many, many days I thought we were going to the Biblical 40 days of rain that prompted Noah to build a boat or whatever it was that kept people from working on MY yard for weeks and weeks.

Then a man came and did what mom called landscaping, but as far as I could tell he only dug up the back yard and, oh my goodness, made it lots bigger.

However we could not go out there and romp around because it was so muddy. The good news is that BudBoy and I went on lots and lots of walks with mom.

Next the fence people came; now we can go out and roll in the new grass. We even had a jolly good time chasing the cats who dared to come into our domain.

I guess they thought it was now theirs since we had been prohibited from going back there for such a long time.

The fun thing happened when mom accidentally dropped my leash as we stepped out the door to go into the back yard. One of the feral cats decided to run across the street with me in hot pursuit.

All mom saw was my backside disappearing. When I heard mom yell "Front" I changed direction and came running back with a big smile on my face. She did not think this was funny at all.

But boy oh boy, I thought it was a jolly good chase Mom has a new phone that takes pictures. She showed me a picture of me sleeping on my oh so soft bed.

You know what that means? One of these times in the near future you might see me playing with Blue Kitty.

Speaking of Kitty, he has been a naughty boy. I really do not think he understood the question. A notice came in the mail that said I need to have my teeth checked again.

I seems to me that I just had that done, but mom is such a stickler for healthy teeth, I suppose I will have to let the vet take a look, but as far as I can tell they serve me just fine.

For the life of me I do not know what a healthy tooth is or if it looks any different than the rest of the teeth in my mouth.

I suppose she will take me to that tiny cramped clinic up the street a ways. The only one I know who had a problem -- a cavity -- was Damon. Did they fill it?

No they pulled it. I did learn that Molly had a root canal, but that was before my time. Now I cannot imagine a canal in a tooth; I only hope it never happens to me.

What happened to the chicken thigh that mom cooked for her dinner? I know, but I will never tell. I just stay in my nice soft bed; put on the innocent look that I am a master of projecting and will let her try to figure it out.

I know who did it, but I will not tell.. If mom has not figured it out by the next chapter in My World, I will try to remember to tell you all out there who stole the chicken thigh.

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We Love The 90’s -festareiden Voittaja On Selvillä! Video

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